Ann Kok's pink shorts mistaken for panties on TV travel show

SINGAPORE - Singapore actress Ann Kok's recent appearance on a travel programme in a local television station has caused a stir among viewers. Her outfit, a white over-sized top with pink shorts, drew the most outcry as many viewers mistook the shorts for a pair of panties.

In the episode that aired on Sept 12, she played guide to a tour group in Korea and had a wardrobe change of three outfits. All of them featured shorts that can be classified as "hot pants."

Numerous people have written in to Lianhe Zaobao and commented that her youthful, revealing attire on the show was inappropriate for a TV appearance, especially since she is 40 years old. Some even said that the styling was outrageous and an eyesore.

However, Kok isn't new to criticisms regarding her dressing. Throughout her acting career, she regularly made news headlines with provocative outfits at award shows and public appearances.

Ann Kok has not provided any comment on this particular incident.