Anthony Wong, Nancy Wu named "king" and "queen" at TVB awards

Some of the Hong Kong stars won big at the annual TVB Anniversary Awards 2015, while others turned up in stunning outfits.

According to Asian E-News Portal, Anthony Wong won the best actor award. Among the nominees were Louis Cheung, Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Anthony Wong and Ruco Chan.

Anthony calmly delivered his thank you speech: "At least something to answer to now."

He then cracked some funny jokes: "Does everyone need to shout when I come up to the stage? I guess I can win an Oscar Award after this." Everyone laughed at his speech.

Nancy Wu snagged the best actress award over the other nominees Liza Wang, Kristal Tin, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung.

Nancy Wu was shocked and looked at Kristal for nearly 10 seconds when Wayne Lai and Ruco Chan announced her as the winner. Everyone was cheering and she tried her best to hold back her tears.

She said: "This is totally unexpected. Kristal is always the Best Actress in my heart. Thank you to everyone supporting me, Catherine Tsang and Virginia Lok. To every film producer, this is our first co-operation and thank you very much."

She then tried her best to hold back her tears again and said: "I know I still need to improve and will film it again next year, and definitely give 200 per cent effort to perform well. I have joined showbiz for many years and I thank you to the guidance and assistance.

"I filmed many series with Wayne Lai in recent years and I know I am not as good as him, and thank you to him. Thank you to every film partner who made me improve."

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