AsiaOne on air: Trance, reggae and dancehall are what music you should dance to this weekend

Can someone please explain to me how tomorrow is December!

Let's kick start the end of the year with the world's best trance DJs Aly & Fila who hail from Egypt.

They are on at mao on Cecil Street on Friday.

I'm not super into trance but these guys, yes!

On Saturday, if you're in the mood for an afro-tropical discotheque, a night called Wild Fyah! is on at Artistry at Jalan Pinang.

The line-up of local DJs are awesome-sauce and it's only $5 entry.

Go support local!

And on Sunday, hailed as the first female vocalist of dancehall music from Jamaica, Sister Nancy is doing a live show here at Hard Rock Cafe on Cuscaden Road.

It'll be a fun night of gyrating to set you up for next week.

If you don't know, now you know.

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