Asia's little actors

Asia's little actors

Who: Taiwanese actor Steven Hao (Hao Shao Wen), 23, and Chinese actor Ashton Chen (Shi Xiao Long), 25

Then: The mischievous duo tickled audiences pink with their hilarious antics as little monks in action comedy Shaolin Popey (1994) and its sequel. Hao was three years old then and Chan was four.

Now: The chubby Hao is back in the entertainment scene, acting in dramas and movies, such as the 2011 Taiwan box-office hit You Are The Apple Of My Eye.

Armed with bona fide gongfu training from China's Shaolin Temple, Chen now takes on martial-arts roles, like in Ip Man 2 (2010).

Who: South Korean actress Moon Geun Young, 26

Then: The doe-eyed Moon is best known for her breakout role as Eun Suh in South Korean melodrama Autumn In My Heart (2000).

She charmed audiences with her weepy portrayal of the younger version of the ill-fated female lead.

Now: Moon's comeback TV role as a painter in the 2008 historical drama Painter Of The Wind garnered her acting awards.

Who: Taiwanese actor Xiao Xiao Bin (Wen Xuan Ye), eight

Then: He became a household name after stealing the hearts of viewers in Taiwanese tearjerker drama Autumn's Concerto (2009).

Propelled to fame, Xiao went on to star in commericals, dramas and movies.

Now: He appeared in the micro-film series, Cupid's World Of Happiness, a collaboration between Chinese travel Web portal and Resorts World Sentosa.

Acting certainly runs in his blood. Xiao is the son of Wen Chao Yu, 33, who was a prominent child actor back in the 1980s.

There's also brother Mini Bin, seven, who is following in his father and brother's footsteps by taking on drama and movie roles.

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