An auction house sold a 65.75-inch stuffed whale penis for over $8,000

Mark Wilkinson holds up the collector’s item for reference.
PHOTO: Philippine Daily Inquirer/ Asia News Network

Let's face it - one way or the other, we've all got something that's a little strange within us. Whether it'd be a bizarre snack obsession or a weird habit, we've all got quirks that seem unusual to our families and friends.

In this case, someone purchased a 65.75-inch stuffed whale penis for the price of 5,900 USD (S$8,000) at the Sworders auction house.

According to Sworders appraiser Mark Wilkinson, the item weighs around 18 pounds, is about one foot wide in its largest region, and is completely stuffed with hair.

Wilkinson tells Atlas Obscura that it was difficult for them to appraise the item since there was no other basis for determining its price. However, after speaking to the man who donated the taxidermied whale part, the auction house settled for the amount of 5,900 USD.

Although there is no word yet on the buyer, it was reported that he or she purchased the item last February 13, 2019.

Whether you agree with the buyer's decision to purchase this item or not, we sincerely do hope that he or she won't regret his or her unconventional buy!