'I want to be like Batman's Robin': Carol Cheng takes sidecar tour of Singapore's sights

'I want to be like Batman's Robin': Carol Cheng takes sidecar tour of Singapore's sights
On the latest episode of Where Do Do You Go released on YouTube yesterday (Sept 18), Carol Cheng took a sidecar tour, experienced "fun dining" and tried axe-throwing.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/HOY TV

We knew that Carol Cheng took a first-class flight to Singapore in May, but what about the rest of her adventures here?

On the latest episode of Where Do Do You Go released on YouTube yesterday (Sept 18), the veteran Hong Kong star, nicknamed Do Do, subsequently took a sidecar tour, experienced "fun dining" and even tried axe-throwing.

Upon alighting from her first-class flight, the 66-year-old actress-host proceeded to a scooter sidecar tour, with her tour guide Simon sitting on the main scooter.

Carol said cheerfully: "I want to be like Batman's Robin, where Batman drives the car and Robin can enjoy the scenery!"

And Robin she was. In the tour, Carol can be seen going past the F1 race tracks, having an unobstructed view of Marina Bay Sands and also the historic Arab Street and Haji Lane.

As her tour is open-air, she appreciated that she could have a multi-sensory experience, enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of the journey, and even say hello to the people on Arab Street, which the sidecar is able to travel in, unlike cars which are too wide.

"I could smell the spices, and Simon was able to introduce me to the good food and coffees in the area," she summarised after the tour.


Even though Carol was initially worried that the helmet would mess up her hairdo, she discovered that when she removed the helmet, her hair remained presentable after she "combed it a little".

The heat did not bother her either, as she is "not afraid of hot weather, more afraid of the cold".

Simon revealed that there are even government-issued stamps displaying images of scooters and their sidecars, showing how popular they are and how they have become "one of the must-do things when tourists visit Singapore".

Carol also visited a "fun dining" restaurant, a conscious departure from the concept of fine dining, according to the founder.

To begin with, though the booking is made online, the location is not revealed till 24 hours before the arrival of the guest. There is an innocuous cafe shop-front and customers have to go through a secret door in the cafe to get to the restaurant section.

The restaurant consists of a series of rooms with different themes, like an American kitchen in the 1950s, a Chinese medicine shop and a private jet.

In each room, a wait staff dressed according to the theme will present a dish, and then Carol has to manually find the door that leads her to the next room.

Carol shared her thoughts: "I like that there are different characters in each room to play along with me. It was fun and enjoyable! If people come with their friends, it may even be more fun!"

Lastly, Carol visited Axe Factory, where she attempted to throw axes at a target board indoors with close guidance.

After missing the target a couple of times, she remarked that she "needed a lot more practice".

On her thoughts of her solo day trip, Carol concluded light-heartedly: "I am happy to have had me-time on this trip, but I miss ordering someone around and having someone to chat with!"

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