Behind-the-scenes trailer of Luc Besson's new film 'Lucy' released

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The latest trailer about the production of French director Luc Besson's latest action thriller "Lucy" was released by Universal Pictures yesterday.

Besson will visit Taiwan in August to promote "Lucy," some of the scenes of which were shot in Taipei.

The director is scheduled to arrive in Taiwan on Aug. 18 for a two-day trip.

The movie features American actress Scarlett Johansson as a drug mule in Taiwan who gains supernatural abilities and becomes a fighting machine.

In the trailer released yesterday, the French director said that he has always had the desire for a film to begin in Asia.

Noting that he always put Taipei on his list, Besson said he visited the city for "The Fifth Element" 20 years ago.

Besson said "I love the town, the feeling and the people." He said the funny thing is that while he stayed in Taipei for shooting the film "Lucy," he actually stayed in the same hotel as when he came to Taipei 20 years ago.

Johansson said that she really loved filming in Taipei, adding that she loved exploring in the city.

The actress said the fact that she and the film crew were so tired and jet lagged actually added to the disorientation of the character.

Virginie Besson-Sill, Besson's wife and the executive producer of "Lucy," said that the first day they started shooting in Taipei, the Taiwanese film crews prepared a table full of food and drinks on the set.

She later found out that it was Taiwanese tradition to pray before shooting films, the Central News Agency (CNA) quoted the actress as saying.

According to CNA, Besson said he had considered several Asian cities and later decided to shoot the film in Taipei. There is no place better than Taipei, Besson said.

"Lucy" will be in theatres Aug. 6 in France, Aug. 8 in the United States and Aug. 20 in Taiwan.

Filming of the action thriller stirred up media frenzy in Taiwan in October 2013, with some paparazzi reporters and photographers resorting to intrusive behaviour and even car chases in their efforts to get close to the film's cast and crew.

Despite the conflicts, the director has said he had a great experience shooting in Taiwan.