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Benz Hui's daughter sells 2 Singapore cafes to follow husband to Hong Kong

Benz Hui's daughter sells 2 Singapore cafes to follow husband to Hong Kong
Benz Hui shared that his daughter Charmaine recently sold the second outlet of Cafe Bakeaholic and Juju, both at Wheelock Place, to join her husband in Hong Kong.
PHOTO: Instagram/Charmaine Hui

One of the hardest things for a couple is to live separately in two different countries, and Charmaine Hui, daughter of veteran Hong Kong actor Benz Hui, isn't going to let that happen in her newly wedded life.

The 26-year-old married her Singaporean husband Shane Sim, 28, in a lavish wedding in Hong Kong last December and held a second ceremony in Singapore in January.

Sim, who reportedly works in the banking industry, is currently based in Hong Kong, while Charmaine manages her food and beverage businesses, Cafe Bakeaholic and modern Hong Kong cafe Juju, in Singapore.

In a report by Shin Min Daily News yesterday (March 4), Juju and the Cafe Bakeaholic branch at Wheelock Place was recently found to be closed.

The latter opened in 2021 and Juju in 2022 after Charmaine started her first Cafe Bakeaholic outlet in Springside Green in December 2020.

When Shin Min contacted Benz, the 75-year-old said: "My daughter sold the two cafes last month. As you know, she is just married and her husband is working in Hong Kong. Living apart just after getting married is not good for both of them, so she decided to live in Hong Kong and make further decisions later."


He was also asked if they were facing a loss in the businesses, to which he responded, there were both profits and losses, which he felt was okay when doing business.

Benz added that the Cafe Bakeaholic branch in Springside Green remains in business.

His wife Lung Yin-yi, shared: "It's easier to manage with one cafe and the staff can be self-sufficient."

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