Big Bang's Seungri announces retirement amid Burning Sun scandal

PHOTO: Instagram/seungriseyo

K-pop singer Seungri announced Monday that he would retire from the entertainment industry, amid the swirling suspicions surrounding him over the Burning Sun scandal.

"I think it would be good timing for me to retire from the entertainment industry at this point," the 29-year-old wrote on his Instagram account.

"I decided to retire as the issues that sparked social controversies are very big. I'll sincerely take part in the investigation of all allegations that have been raised."

The singer said he couldn't bear to burden others by continuing in the industry while being "blamed by everyone and investigated by all the investigative agencies."

Via the statement, Seungri thanked the fans who supported him during his 10-year music career, adding that he was retiring to protect the honour of his agency YG and his group Big Bang.

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