Bobo Wong chases after tram on the streets - barefoot and in underwear

Johnson Lee's ex-girlfriend Bobo Wong (aka Spring Roll), was seen filming for new film Love Battlefield at 7am on April 6 morning.

According to an article on Asian E-news Portal, Spring Roll was wearing pink underwear and running barefoot to chase after a tram, while making foul language gestures.

Although it was early in the morning and not much people were on the streets, the filming attracted nearby people who were waiting at the bus stops. There were even onlookers who took out their mobile phones to film and take photos, instead of catching their buses.

When asked how she felt, Spring Roll smiled and said: "My foot hurts". Asked whether she was afraid of running in her underwear as it is against the law, she said: "No, as long as I am not running naked then it's ok."

(Are you embarrassed because there were onlookers?) She said, "I don't think too much about that".

When told that onlookers were unwilling to catch their buses because they were busy watching her film, she responded: "I couldn't care less, I need to work hard for the film, because there is there is not much time left".

When asked whether Sze Jit would come visit her today during filming, she said: "I am unsure about today, but for this scene, he won't because it's too early".

(Have you ever been pranked by Sze Jit?) "He always pranks me". (When was his last prank?) "He does it all the time without realising". (What was the most recent prank he did?) "One time when I called him, he used a different voice to answer and I thought that I had called the wrong number".

Asked if she liked the prank Sze Jit did, she replied, "Yes, because I like a humorous person".

(Was there any preparation before filming?) She bluntly said: "Two days ago, I started to eat less to lose weight. When I first came to Hong Kong, I was a size smaller, but now I'm extra large. I wanted to buy large sized panties, but my hips are big and cannot fit them. I feel awkward."

When asked if she was nervous running in the streets in her underwear, she said: "I do feel a little bit nervous, but I have been modelling for years and I even filmed nude."

She also revealed that the film is about girls going after guys and stealing boyfriends and even said she has friends with that experience.

(Have you and Sze Jit broken up again?) "We only broke up once and that's it".

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