Bosom buddies steal show

Who knew the sassy girls of S.H.E were capable of bawdy humour? The Taiwanese pop trio were at it the whole night, cracking fart jokes and planting kisses on each other, with 31-year-old member Selina Jen's chest stealing the show.

In front of a full-capacity, 8,000-strong crowd at the S.H.E 2gether 4ever Concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday, Jen's bosom buddies and fellow singers Ella Chen, 32, and Hebe Tien, 30, wouldn't stop teasing her about her assets, which were accentuated by a cleavage-baring turquoise gown she had worn to the Golden Bell Awards the night before.


On Friday evening, Jen was in Taipei, strutting down the red carpet at the Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan's version of the Emmys. She and co-host Natto were nominees in the Best Variety Show Host Category, but lost the prestigious accolade to veterans Mickey Huang and Chang Hsiao-Yen.

"Did you see Jen Nai Nai yesterday? Wasn't Selina gorgeous?" shouted Chen, to laughter from the crowd. "Nai" is a colloquial term for a woman's breasts in Mandarin.

Jen said: "Thank you, thank you. Tonight, Jen Nai Nai is all covered up though."

During an interactive segment where each member led one section of the audience in a mass singalong competition of their hit number Magic Power, Chen and Tien had their fun.

Jen called Chen "Small Chen Nai Nai" (alluding to Chen's flatter chest) while Tien referred to herself as "Big Tien Nai Nai", as she hoisted her chest up.


Things got more hilarious when the girls talked about Singapore's curry fish head and how none of them have tried it.

After Chen expressed her longing for it, Jen said: "You know how it is with foods with curry. Ella Chen, you had better not fart on stage!" Turning to the audience, she deadpanned: "When we sing, we have to catch quick breaths in-between sentences, so it's easy to smell all kinds of odours."


The Singapore gig marked the last leg of their concert tour, and S.H.E - now into their 12th year in Mandopop - were bolder than usual. Acceding to a fan's request for Chen to give Tien a peck on the cheek, Chen started kissing Tien all over her face, even on the lips. "Hey, you're flouting the rules!" said Jen.

Chen then walked to Jen and kissed her.

"Were you trying to move away just now?" Chen asked Jen.

"I have a habit of turning my face to one side when I'm kissing," said Jen.

For diehard fans who love the bubbly personalities and candour of their idols, it doesn't get better than this.

Surprises, surprises

Selina Jen might have gone home empty-handed at the Golden Bell Awards on Friday night.

But her bandmates surprised her with their own award.

midway through a song, Jen's earpiece stopped working.

Looking flustered, she apologised as the backstage crew tried to fix the technical glitch. actually, the glitch was just a cover-up.

That very moment, huge words appeared on the projector screen behind the girls.

The message: "Happy Birthday Selina! You will always be our Best Variety Show Host".

Jen, who will be 32 on Thursday, cried uncontrollably as Chen and Tien handed her the specially-made trophy.

admitting that she had penned an acceptance speech in case she won the Golden Bell, she read it out on stage, which included appreciation for "the doctors and nurses who saved my life".


Jen has permanent scars on her arms, legs and back, the result of a horrific on-set explosion in Shanghai in October 2010 that left her with thirddegree burns.

The trophy wasn't the only surprise of the night.

Committee members of S.H.E's local fan club had placed a green round sticker on every seat in the stadium, with detailed instructions on how to create "a sea of green leaves" by sticking the sticker on top of one's mobile phone torch.

"S.H.E have always described themselves as a three-leaf clover. Fans represent the fourth leaf which will make them a four-leaf clover," said mr Darren ang, 27, who works in online marketing.

He and other fan club members also produced a two-minute video that showed a collage of Singapore fans wishing Jen a happy birthday.

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