Bourdain now dating actress Asia Argento: An anatomy of his taste in women


Anthony Bourdain has reached the point of popularity where people meddle with his personal life. I mean, it's not just the food and his commentaries anymore. People like to know and dig deeper. Last year, when Anthony split up with his wife Ottavia after 10 years, people were affected. Especially to find out that the reason behind it was because they just made different choices in life-Ottavia her MMA career and Anthony with his life as a chef, TV show host, and an author.

This time around people are talking about the new woman in Anthony Bourdain's life-Asia Argento-whom he met when he shot last season's Parts Unknown. Asia toured Anthony on the outskirts of Rome where they visited her local grocery store and ate lots of pasta. And I guess in between takes, they fell in love.

It got us curious though, what is Anthony Bourdain's type in women?

Italian is his thing

His ex-wife Ottavia lived in a small town in Lombardy, Italy while his new girl Asia was born in the city of Rome. Italian women are known to consume copious amounts of carbs and still look good (ha, I wish I lived their lives) and they are also known to be feisty and passionate.

He describes Asia as, "always honest, completely unsparing. If you ask Asia a question, you are going to get an answer-and she doesn't care if it reflects badly on you-or on herself. She's going to give it to you straight."

They're inked

After a few dates between Anthony and Ottavia, they already got matching knife tattoos and that was just the beginning. They got more tattoos together like their matching serpent tattoo back in 2011.

Asia, on the other hand, is rather extensively tattooed as well. She has an eye on her shoulder which she had done at 14, an angel on her abdomen, a very visible (and intricate) Victorian necklace on her chest, the name "Panos" on her wrist, and so much more.

They must love music(ians)

Just kidding with that description, but both seem to have a history with music. Asia was first married to an Italian rock and roll musician Marco Castoldi. She also delved into music by releasing her own album called Total Enthropy back in 2013.

If you're curious as to how Ottavia made it to the US, she actually flew to New York to follow an Irish rock musician that she was infatuated with. After finding a job at a restaurant, he met Anthony through a common friend, and the rest was history. Wait, Anthony has background in music too, right?

Food and drink brings them together

Ottavia and Anthony's dates were mostly in dive bars in the middle of the night where they just drink pints of beer and talk about work. They have so much in common since both worked in the restaurant business-they're knowledgeable with food, service, and everything in between.

Photo: Courtesy of CNN

Asia was Anthony's tour guide, as mentioned earlier, so they bonded over plates of pasta and conversed about so many things. He even said that the episode won't be possible without her.

Actions stars

You might be looking at Asia thinking that you've seen her somewhere. Well, she's been working on a lot of projects but one of the most memorable is her role as Yelena in xXx with Vin Diesel. Does that ring a bell?

Photo: Screengrab from xXx

Ottavia is an action star in her own right. When she was trying to get fit after she gave birth, she fell in love with jiu jitsu and started training seven days a week. She is also an MMA fighter. During interviews, Anthony would even say, "I married Sophia Loren. She turned into Jean-Claude Van Damme."

Photo: Courtesy of Anthony Bourdain

Notice all the similarities? Bet you didn't, but at least you know a little bit more about Anthony Bourdain and his taste in women.