Brazilian model filmed Bieber in bed

Brazilian model filmed Bieber in bed

US - She filmed Justin Bieber as he slept, before posting her video on the Internet and causing a worldwide storm, Britain's Daily Mail reported.

But sources close to Brazilian model Tatiana Neves Barbosa, known to friends as Tati, say she wasn't expecting the amount of coverage the video was given.

A source told E! Online: "She (Barbosa) does not know what to do.

The model, 26, who is also a part-time bodybuilder, sent the video to a friend and did not realise it would be put online.

Tati's video of Bieber sleeping hit headlines worldwide when it made its way onto YouTube last week.

The video shows the 19-year-old singer sleeping, wrapped in a blanket on a daybed.

While it is light outside, the star appears fast asleep. Lying on the bed close beside him is his favourite red hat, while phones and clothing litter the ground.

The girl shoots the sleeping star before posing for a selfie, then after another look at Bieber she flashes a delighted grin and blows him a kiss.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying: "Justin was asleep in his villa when the video was taken.

"There were a bunch of guys and a bunch of women hanging out, not prostitutes. He fell asleep, and someone walked in and took a picture."

Bieber is said to have taken around 30 girls who he met at the Zax nightclub in Joa, Rio de Janeiro, in the early hours of yesterday morning, back to his private residence to carry on the fun.

He left the club with the girls at around 4am and ordered in fast food, chocolate and other snacks for everyone.


But the lucky girls were allowed in only after they had their mobile phones confiscated and signed a contract prohibiting them from sharing details of the party or posting any images on the Internet.

Student Marina Binimeliz was among the guests Bieber took back to the house, and the Daily Mirror reported the 18-year-old fan as saying: "There were lots of snacks spread on tables by the pool, on the verandah and in the lounge area."

Another unnamed fan told website "I met him at Zax in a private area and then we went to his house in front of the beach - it was an amazing house.

"Photos were not allowed in his house, I had to sign a contract."

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