Brunei best place to hide: Calvin Chen on Wu Chun's secret marriage

Brunei best place to hide: Calvin Chen on Wu Chun's secret marriage

BRUNEI - Although Bruneian actor Wu Chun stunned many by revealing last month that he has been secretly married since 2009 and has a three-year-old daughter, Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen was not taken aback by his former bandmate's confession.

Chen, one of the lead actors in new local movie 3 Peas In A Pod which opens here on Thursday, told The New Paper in Mandarin last week: "We hung out together a lot during our boy band days in the past few years.

"I kind of knew it, but I did not want to invade his privacy and ask him (about the matter) directly."

He added: "Before Wu Chun made the announcement to the media, he informed us beforehand so we knew it first."

Chen, 33, actor-singer Jiro Wang, 32, and Aaron Yan, 28, have been members of Fahrenheit since 2005.

Wu, 34, left the group in 2011 to pursue a career as an actor and Fahrenheit continued as a trio.

On Oct 2, Wu, who had always insisted he was a bachelor, shocked fans and the media alike when he suddenly came clean about his secret family.

His wife gave birth to their second child, a boy, after that.

Chen said he has been asked by the media so often about Wu that he ended up dreaming about the latter.

He recalled: "I dreamt that I was in Brunei and Wu Chun had a beard. We were just sitting there with his daughter and just catching up. "I even pinched his daughter's cheeks and she was so cute. The dream felt very real.

"I texted Wu Chun after that and he told me that it meant that I had to visit him and his family soon. I will do that when my schedule frees up early next year."

Chen, who said he is happy for Wu, insisted that he would not hide his own marriage when he weds in the future. He said that Wu could cover it up for so many years because his family was based in Brunei, not Taiwan.

Chen joked: "There's no paparazzi in Brunei. If this happened in Taiwan, the media would have found out about it long ago."

He added: "If I get married next time, I'll be transparent about it and tell everyone so that I can get their blessings."

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