Cage loves Halloween but not a believer in spooks

SPOOKY MISSION: Cage and Callies play estranged parents who come together to find their son after he goes missing during a Halloween Carnival in the movie Pay The Ghost.

Nicolas Cage is mostly a sceptic when it comes to the supernatural. Even so, he has a penchant for a certain ghoulish event next month.

Said The Frozen Ground (2013) actor in an interview with Esquire on the paranormal: "I would say that I'm 98 per cent sceptical, but the other 2 per cent (is) open for the possibility of things."

Pressed on whether he has had an encounter that might keep him open to the existence of spooks, Cage would only say: "Nothing I would be able to discuss on public record. I'm not going there."

Even so, the 51-year-old has a soft spot for Halloween. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said: "I think it's impossible for any actor not to love Halloween. It's the only real holiday where you get to dress up and change yourself, which is what actors love to do."

In his new horror flick, Pay The Ghost, Cage plays a father whose son goes missing during a Halloween carnival. He starts to believe that supernatural forces are behind the disappearance and teams up with his estranged wife, played by The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies, to find his son.

On working with young co-stars such as Jack Fulton, who plays his son in his upcoming movie, Cage said that his approach was to take "an extremely professional standpoint" and not condescend or talk down to them. This then creates an understanding with his younger co-stars, he said.

Pay The Ghost, directed by German film-maker Uli Edel (The Mists Of Avalon, 2001), opens here on Oct 8.

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