Calling me a girl is a compliment

SINGAPORE - Although Taiwan-based American actor George Hu starred recently in the highly rated Chinese period drama, Prince Of Lan Ling, the 31-year-old lanky hunk revealed in an interview on Sunday with My Paper that he is in no hurry to do away with idol dramas.

Looking dapper in a black suit and coiffed hair, Hu was unflappable and witty throughout the session, where he talked about his career, from being called a girl to his rumoured squeeze and co-star of the drama Love Around, Taiwanese actress Annie Chen.

This is the second time you are romancing Chen onscreen in the idol drama Love Around. (They starred in last year's idol drama, Love Now.) Some fans hope you two will hook up for real. What would you say to them?

I will tell them: "Thank you for watching." I hope your wish for us may come true but, right now, it doesn't seem that clear.

How are you like as a boyfriend?

I don't know, you will have to ask my previous girlfriends (laughs).

I'm more mellow. I won't be like (those guys) I've seen who are all big and tough, and take control of everything. I feel the girl should have her own opinion and I will respect it.

What is your dream date like?

I want to keep flying, travelling 365 days a year. Non-stop travelling (with a girl) is a great way to date for me, because I would have her by my side.

What is a movie you would like to be in?

An action movie, (with) explosions, blood and guns popping all over the place. That's what I like. I really like sci-fi films too. Since my youth, I have loved gongfu movies. (In them, people are) flying all over the place, lifting big boulders. Then, I moved on to sci-fi movies, with aliens and battleships.

What's the most you will do when it comes to showing off skin on TV?

(Show) my face (laughs). I hope people watch my acting instead of my "merman line" (a well-defined V line that dips below the waist). I don't want the audience to expect me to take off my clothes.

The Chinese title of the drama Love Around suggests that opposites attract. Have you been attracted to someone who is the exact opposite of you?

Someone who is the exact opposite (of me) is a girl. That's the exact opposite of a guy (laughs). Personality-wise, I'm a mellow guy and I won't find trouble. (My ex-girlfriend) was more aggressive and forthcoming. There was a lot of aggression between us back then.

After a while, you learn how to deal with it. It's a test.

How was it like filming Prince Of Lan Ling?

It was my first time (filming a period drama), and it won't be my last. I had lots of fun.

There are a lot of things to learn when it comes to acting (in a period drama), from the way a guy approaches a girl, or (playing) a king. I had to do so much homework on that.

You've been called the "No. 1 Pretty Boy" for your role as a prince in that drama. How do you feel about that?

I feel pretty and beautiful. I've read a lot of comments from fans; they are funny and amuse me. One of them said I look like a girl.

That's a compliment. When I was born, people used to congratulate my parents for having a girl.

You'll be releasing a pictorial book soon. Can readers expect to see topless shots of you?

That's the problem with everybody (laughs).

It chronicles my childhood till where I am now, and the steps I have taken throughout my showbiz career.

No topless shots. If you want topless shots, you can look at other books.

Gwendolyn Ng

Love Around premieres on E City (StarHub Ch 111/825) on Saturday at 8pm.

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