'Calm down!' Charmaine Sheh, Gallen Lo, Raymond Lam, Benz Hui appear at Kuala Lumpur restaurant, send diners into frenzy

'Calm down!' Charmaine Sheh, Gallen Lo, Raymond Lam, Benz Hui appear at Kuala Lumpur restaurant, send diners into frenzy
(From left) Charmaine Sheh, Benz Hui, Raymond Lam and Gallen Ho dined together at a seafood restaurant in Kuala Lumpur recently.
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Diners at a Chinese seafood restaurant in Kuala Lumpur were in for a treat recently when famous Hong Kong actors walked into the premises while they were feasting.

The star-studded private event was attended by familiar faces including Charmaine Sheh, Gallen Lo, Raymond Lam and Benz Hui, who were in Malaysia to film Hong Kong drama Modern Dynasty Part 2: War of Others.

In a TikTok video posted on Sept 17, diners and fans were seen crowding outside the restaurant, believed to be Xigong Seafood Restaurant, all looking in the direction of the road in front of the premises. There was an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement as many of them had their handphones out, prepared to capture the moment the celebrities stepped out of their cars.

Every MPV that turned into the lane sent the diners into a frenzy, as these are the vehicles that celebrities usually travel in, called "nanny cars".

At one point, a few customers had their phone out to film a white MPV that had just turned into the lane and a woman, seemingly a staff of the restaurant, told them: "It's not coming here!"

"Aiyoh!" replied a few fans, laughing.

Charmaine was the first to reach the location. Dressed in a white hoodie with a denim jacket and loose khaki pants, the 48-year-old looked to be in good spirits.

As she entered the restaurant, there were close to 100 people crowding inside and some staff members formed a barrier to make way for her.

Benz arrived next; as he walked towards the restaurant, at least 20 people stood outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

The 74-year-old waved at the crowds as he passed through them.

Gallen, 60, arrived shortly, dressed casually in a white T-shirt and shorts, and even shook hands with some of the fans outside the restaurant.

As Raymond's vehicle turned into the lane in front of the restaurant, a female voice could be heard in the background, saying: "Calm down! Calm down!"

And when the 43-year-old stepped out of the car, everyone could not keep their calm and started cheering.

Raymond smiled and waved at the crowd as he entered the restaurant.



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In the comments section, some netizens marvelled at Charmaine's ageless beauty and Raymond and Gallen's good looks.

Others wondered why they were dressed in layers when the weather was humid.

According to other fan-shot footage taken inside the restaurant that were posted on Xiaohongshu, fans cheered even louder when Raymond went to the second floor, where the dinner was held in a private dining room.

When they were leaving the restaurant after the dinner, Gallen and Raymond received friendly goodbyes from their fans and diners, who were waiting outside the room.


While some fans shouted their goodbyes and waved at the actors, some female fans could be heard saying: "Goodbye hubby!"

Gallen stopped to exchange pleasantries with a female fan and shook hands with her for a few moments.

Fans of Raymond started singing his song as he left, and a shocked and embarrassed Raymond put his hands together to thank them before descending the stairs to the ground floor.

A netizen jokingly wrote in the comments section: "Raymond panicked and begged you with various gestures, thinking, 'Thank you everyone, you sing well, but don't sing again next time'."

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