Calvin Chen is the vainest, say co-artistes

Calvin Chen is the vainest, say co-artistes

Even though he plays a plain-looking, simple undergraduate in 3 Peas In A Pod, Taiwanese actor-singer Calvin Chen is far from it in real life.

At last week's media session, Chen's collaborators called him out on how vain he was.

His Korean co-star, 25-year-old Alexander Lee Eusebio, told The New Paper: "Calvin's iPhone has a reflective surface and he takes it out to look at his face constantly."

Michelle Chong, 36, director of 3 Peas, added: "Every time I was looking for Calvin before every take, I saw him looking at his own reflection... He is no doubt the vainest among the cast."

A sheepish Chen laughed when asked about it.

He said: "As my role is so plain and not outstanding at all in the show, I had to keep checking out my expression in the mirror to make sure that I was portraying my role accurately."

Eusebio also revealed that while filming in Australia, Chen would walk out of his room every night wearing gloves and a singlet "looking all sweaty", prompting Chen to explain that he had to work out as "there was no gym" there.

He even whipped out his iPhone to show photos of his bare torso.

"I did sit-ups and push-ups to train my core muscles. However, as of now, I only have four-pack abs though.

"I haven't reached the perfect six-pack abs yet," he said.

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