Carina Lau has an impulse to buy a house in Singapore

Singapore - Carina Lau's glowing in pink - and surrounded by waves of camera flashes as she glides up to the Roger Vivier store in Singapore.

With her soft, dewy skin, Lau hardly looks her age; the youthful-looking 47-year-old actress was here last week, for the store opening of the shoe and accessories brand's first Singapore store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

And she's more than pleased to be in Singapore, says the star in Mandarin, during a group interview in front of the store. "I really miss Singapore!" exclaimed Lau. "Singapore brings back memories of the days when I had first made my debut. At that time, I was often in Singapore to perform and to visit friends who live here."

Married to actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Lau was known for her "girl next door" role when she had first made her acting debut; traces of it quite evident that day in the sweet pink look that she'd picked. With her matching Roger Vivier shoes and clutch bag, Lau looked ever so fresh and radiant.

She has even given in to a girly quip on her look: "The 'in' colour this year is shocking pink. So I just had to find a pair of matching pink shoes to go with it."

As we spoke to her, it seems evident that Lau is in a very good place in her life right now; she's happy, self-fulfilled and busy with work. The actress was most recently seen on screen in Flora Lau's Bends, with critics celebrating her portrayal of a pampered housewife in a downward spiral, after her character is abandoned by her rich husband.

Here, she tells us about her growing Roger Vivier shoe collection and more on how she gift-shops for Tony Leung:

You're known to be a very big fan of Roger Vivier. What do you love most about the brand?

"I feel that Roger Vivier exemplifies the romantic, sexy and very feminine elegance of French women. I have so many Roger Vivier shoes. I have virtually one of every party shoe design from Roger Vivier. I've been collecting them - some of them are just there for me to look at. [laughs]"

Have you ever considered buying an apartment in Singapore?

"I've once bought an apartment in Singapore before. I've sold it since. And each time I'm here, I really have that impulse to buy another apartment in Singapore again. I think that the apartments here have been built so beautifully and the weather is really good. But I don't know what I'll do with it! [laughs]"

Your birthday is soon here (on December 8) - how are you celebrating it this year?

"I'll actually be working on my birthday. Maybe I'll plan for an early gathering. These days, I don't really put as much thought and effort about my birthday parties. Perhaps I'm getting older; I'm less keen on parties now. I'll just have a simple dinner with family, good friends and that's it."

How are you celebrating this year's Christmas?

"I haven't planned anything. This year, I've been working a lot, my schedule is super packed. I think I even need help from the brands [that she works with] to pick gifts to my friends."

Have you bought a Christmas present for your husband (Tony Leung) yet?

"I have, indeed. [nods] I don't look for a gift this late. Every year, I'll find suitable gifts for him from all over the world, whenever I travel. Then I'll save all of these gifts for Christmas or for his birthday and give it to him then."

How would you sum up this year?

"I'm very thankful for this year, it's been very fruitful. I may have been very busy and very tired but I'm very happy too. I've a lot of opportunities to work and travel to a lot of places, I feel very self-fulfilled."

Shop for Roger Vivier at 391 Orchard Road, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #02-12F, Singapore 238872, Tel: 67378444. Follow Roger Vivier on Facebook and Twitter for more updates from the shoe brand.

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