Carrie Fisher's dog Gary is at his new home, but he's not tweeting

PHOTO: Twitter

Though it was always pretty safe to assume that Twitter user @Gary_TheDog isn't really Carrie Fisher's beloved Frenchie pawing away at a keyboard, now we know for certain.

We also know that "Carrie Fisher's Dog" is just a fan account - not connected to the family - because whoever's been running it cleared things up once and for all.

"I should say that this account is not affiliated with anyone inside the family," wrote @Gary_TheDog, who's now up to 67,000 followers, Wednesday night.

As for the real Gary Fisher, the French bulldog that was always at Fisher's side, he will be taken care of by Billie Lourd, Carrie's 24-year-old daughter, TMZ reported Wednesday.

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Apparently Lourd, the Scream Queens star who appeared with her mother in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has a Frenchie of her own, named Tina - and the two are longtime best doggy friends.

Gary Fisher does have an "official" Instagram account, which is linked off of Carrie Fisher's official website.

Fisher died Tuesday at age 60 after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London to LAX a few days prior. Her mother, Hollywood megastar Debbie Reynolds, died the following day after what appeared to be a stroke. She was 84.

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher dies aged 60

  • Carrie Fisher, who rose to fame as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films and later endured drug addiction and stormy romances with show business heavyweights, died on Tuesday (Dec 27), her daughter said through a family spokesman.
  • Fisher, the daughter of actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, who died in 2010, had been in England shooting the third season of the British sitcom Catastrophe. She suffered a heart attack during a flight on Friday from London to Los Angeles. She was met by paramedics and rushed to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.
  • Fisher started her showbiz life in 1989 hit film When Harry Met Sally, as a memorable supporting role. Summing up the showbiz legacy she expected to leave behind in her 2011 memoir "Shockaholic," Fisher wrote in self-deprecating style: "What you'll have of me after I journey to that great Death Star in the sky is an extremely accomplished daughter, a few books, and a picture of a stern-looking girl wearing some kind of metal bikini lounging on a giant drooling squid, behind a newscaster informing you of the passing of Princess Leia after a long battle with her head."
  • But her life was also mired at times in substance abuse, mental illness and tumultuous romances with other entertainment figures, all of which he laid bare in her books, interviews and a one-woman stage show titled "Wishful Drinking."
  • Fisher's friend and former Star Wars' co-star Mark Hamill said in a tweet: "No words. #Devastated"
  • Her death came a month after the actress and author made headlines by disclosing that she had a three-month love affair with her Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford (extreme right) 40 years ago.
  • "It was so intense," Fisher told People. "It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend."
  • Shortly after news of her death was made public, her dog Gary, who has his own Twitter account, said goodbye: "Saddest tweets to tweet. Mommy is gone. I love you @carrieffisher."
  • Fisher wrote her bestselling novel, Postcards from the Edge, about a drug-abusing actress forced to move back in with her mother. She later adapted the book into a film that starred Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine.

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