Cecilia Cheung keeps busy on Chinese social media - doing sales live-streams on Douyin and posting looks from Bulgari and Balenciaga on Weibo

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi has appeared on six Chinese reality shows this year, including Chengfengpolang De Jiejie.
PHOTO: Weibo/Cecilia Cheung

Those who have been wondering what Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi has been up to may find some interesting clues on Chinese social media platform Douyin.

"We are going to have a hotpot at my house - oh, oh, oh!" says Cheung in a jolly mood on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, on Dec 7. Despite being a mother of three, the 41-year-old acted like a little girl by her father's side.

Cheung's post, celebrating her father's birthday at home in Hong Kong, received 146,000 likes (some of her posts garner up to 20 million likes). Her first Douyin post is dated Nov 17, 2019, and her account has more than 24 million fans.

Cheung also uses the platform to live-stream and she has previously promoted products including skin care, rice and kitchen utensils.

According to a November report by NetEase (a Chinese internet technology company), she has accumulated more than 27 million viewers and has a total order amount of more than 61 million yuan (S$13 million). 

Most of Cheung’s activities this year have been in mainland China. PHOTO: Weibo/Cecilia Cheung

Other than posting on Douyin, Cheung has also appeared in advertisements for big luxury labels. On Dec 5, she posted two photos of a shoot that she did for Italian brand Bulgari on Weibo.

It became a trending topic on the Twitter-like site where, on Nov 19, Cheung also posted her look for a Balenciaga fashion show.

A still from Failan, starring Cheung. PHOTO: South China Morning Post

Cheung also attended - and walked at - Fendi's restaging of its 2021 spring/summer haute couture fashion show in Shanghai in March, and the 2001 Korean movie Failan (in which Cheung plays the lead role) was re-run in cinemas in South Korea in November to mark its 20th anniversary.

Most of Cheung's activities this year have been in mainland China - she has appeared on six reality TV shows: Sister's Wonderland, season two of Chengfengpolang De Jiejie (which roughly translates as "sisters riding the winds and breaking the waves"), Jiejie De Hua Shi Da Shang (roughly "sisters' fancy award"), season two of Life is Beautiful, season two of The Super Sisters and season two of Yang Guang Jie Mei Tao (roughly "sunny sisters").

According to online news portal HK01, the announcement in January of her participation in Sisters Who Make Waves opened up new opportunities for Cheung in mainland China, including advertisements, sponsorships and other television contracts that have amounted to more than 50 million yuan.

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.