Celebrities including JJ Lin, Richie Jen pay respects to Alien Huang at mourning hall

Singer Rainie Yang went to the mourning hall twice in three days.
PHOTO: NOWnews/The China Post, Asia News Network

TAIPEI — Singer Rainie Yang paid her respect to Alien Huang again on Monday, spending another 1 hour and 44 minutes at the funeral parlor in Banqiao, New Taipei.

The 36-year-old singer, who is often called Huang’s first love by local media, was wearing a green face mask and a black T-shirt during her second visit to the parlor.

In addition to Yang, many celebrities expressed their sorrow over the death of the 36-year-old singer-actor who died of aortic dissection last week.

Singaporean singer JJ Lin arrived at the mourning hall at 11am and stayed for about 5 minutes before leaving the scene without making any statements.

Singaporean singer JJ Lin showed up on Monday.
PHOTO: NOWnews/The China Post, Asia News Network

Bolin Chen, one of the members of the former boyband “HC3,” visited the mourning hall at 11.20 am and stayed for about 15 minutes.

Taiwanese singer-actor Richie Jen was also seen at the mourning hall on Monday. He left the hall 40 minutes later.

Jen reportedly cried at the end of his concert on Saturday night, saying that he missed his friend very much and wished good health to everyone.

Taiwanese singer-actor Richie Jen was seen visiting the mourning hall on Monday. 
PHOTO: NOWnews/The China Post, Asia News Network

Taiwan media reported that the production team of Mr. Player, the variety show Alien hosted with Jacky Wu, has helped his family with the necessary arrangements of the funeral.

According to Rock Records, the photo used as Alien’s funeral portrait was taken two years ago to promote his fan meet in Hong Kong. “It was chosen by his father. It’s [his father’s] favorite photo,” the company explained.

The date of the funeral has not been confirmed yet, but the family said the ceremony will not be open to the public.