Chin Han's Hollywood roles

The Dark Knight (2008): Chin Han's breakthrough Hollywood role as Lau, the money man for the bad guys, had him appearing in scenes with Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman.

2012 (2009): A bigger part than in The Dark Knight. Roland Emmerich's disaster epic sees him as a Tibetan welder, Tenzin, who has to save his family from flood waters.

Restless (2011): A small supporting role as a doctor in Gus Van Sant's beautifully filmed but soporific teen romance.

Contagion (2011): In Steven Soderbergh's disaster flick, he plays a Hong Kong health official who is helping a World Health Organisation researcher come to grips with a viral outbreak.

Fringe (2012): Plays an angel-ofmercy type of figure in a Season Four episode of the sci-fi thriller, titled Making Angels.

Last Resort (2012-2013): As Chinese envoy Zheng Min in the final four episodes of this military thriller, he holds his own against Emmy-winning actor Andre Braugher.

Arrow (2013): Plays villain Frank Chen in the hit superhero TV series in a few episodes this year.

Final Recipe (2013): Chin Han and Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh play a power couple in the culinary world.

The film will premiere at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain, which started yesterday and ends on Saturday.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014): Much remains under wraps but he is reportedly playing a character named Councilman Yen and he gets to act alongside screen legend Robert Redford.

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