China TV network replaces scheduled 'Chase Me' episode following Godfrey Gao's death

A scene from Shanghai Fortress features Chinese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao, who plays the military leader of an elite unit resisting an alien invasion.
PHOTO: Provided to China Daily/Asia News Network

Zhejiang Satellite TV, producer and broadcaster of the sports reality show Chase Me,announced Friday afternoon that it would halt its broadcast scheduled for 9.10 pm that evening following the death of Godfrey Gao, a Canadian-born actor who died from cardiac arrest while filming on Wednesday.

Reiterating deep sorrow, the TV station, through its official Weibo account, said it will bear responsibility for Gao's death, and replace Friday's broadcast of Chase Me with TV episodes. Chase Me pits two teams against each other in physical challenges. Participants are often asked to complete movie-like stunts and physically demanding exercises.

The death of 35-year-old Gao, a model and actor, stirred up a massive outcry on China's social media platforms, with netizens questioning the timeliness and effectiveness of first-aid rescuing services provided when Gao's deadly heart attack occurred.

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