China's tallest Marilyn Monroe statue dumped

The giant statue of Marilyn Monroe striking her iconic pose in Guigang of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has been torn down and left at a dump site.

The 8.18-meter stainless steel statue weighing around eight tons was made over two years by a group headed by South China Normal University professors, based on the famous scene from her movie "The Seven Year Itch" and the sculpture "Forever Marilyn."

The statue has been on display at a local business centre since the end of 2013, and was called the tallest realistic Marilyn Monroe statue. It is even higher than the one in Chicago, US, which was removed in 2012.

The statue, a landmark in Guigang, was aimed at highlighting the international operations at the business centre, some businessmen said.

The statue had become a hot spot for local couples to shoot their wedding photos, local media reported.

One photo post online shows a young woman ties a large red banner to the base, saying, "Don't leave, Marilyn."