Chinese singer scolded with derogatory term in public after government crackdown on 'sissy idols'

PHOTO: Weibo/甘望星_xx

Usually, the public are encouraged to follow their government's national directions. 

But one man in China might have gone overboard in his zealousness. 

In a short viral video on microblogging website Weibo, Chinese idol singer Gan Wangxing was out and about at the airport when a man could be heard yelling "niang pao" (Mandarin for sissy) at him off-camera, twice. 

While it is unclear if the 21-year-old Hunan native, who was filmed with make-up on, had heard the derogatory term, he was unmoved and walked away. 

Earlier this month, China expanded a crackdown on its entertainment industry, telling broadcasters to bar artists with effeminate styles from shows.

A Reuters report added: "Authorities and state media have in recent months lamented how the country's boys needed to become more manly and have criticised male stars who favour heavy make up and project a feminine image." 

'Sissy men' include those who do not conform to macho male stereotypes seen in traditional Chinese culture, reported South China Morning Post, with some people saying they are a threat to social values. 

In the Weibo video's comment section, some netizens are dumbfounded by the man’s grudge towards Wangxing.

One netizen questioned: ""Do some people now regard using vulgarities as a form of masculinity?"

Another wrote sarcastically that the man who hounded Wangxing is so "virtuous".

Many netizens also defended Wangxing's masculinity. 

They pointed out that before he made his debut at the Chinese talent competition Produce Camp 2021, he was an exceptional sportsman, enjoying a “second level national athlete” status, which is a ranking just below the Olympics level. 

According to a media report, Wangxing gained direct admission to university in 2017 by winning the men's 4x100m event in the National Athletics Championships for middle school students. 

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