Chow Yun Fat has a closet full of the same black long-sleeved T-shirt

PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

SINGAPORE - Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun Fat is known for his friendly and unpretentious ways, frequently seen in wefies with fans who run into him.

But, eagle-eyed fans have noticed for some time now that Chow is frequently in an all-black outfit. He's been seen in it so frequently that it has become his "iconic look".

Hong Kong's Apple Daily revealed recently Chow's secret to maintaining his "iconic look" - he has more than 10 pieces of the same black dri-fit shirt.

According to a friend, after Chow took to hiking, he found the dri-fit long-sleeved T-shirt to be comfortable and cool, and suitable to be worn all year round. So he reportedly asked his wife to help him buy more than 10 pieces at one go.

And they're all in black because he loves that colour.

The dri-fit shirt is reportedly made by American company Patagonia, known for making tools and apparel for climbers, according to Apple Daily.