Chrissy Teigen's 'best gift ever' from husband John Legend was made by a Singaporean crafter

When American R&B singer John Legend wanted to get something special for his wife, supermodel Chrissy Teigen, he turned to Singaporean crafter, Jocelyn Teo.

Teigen celebrated her 32nd birthday last Friday (Nov 30) with a '60s-themed Pan Am airline party attended by celebrity friends like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Kris Jenner.

The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, whose mother is Thai, later revealed her 'best gift ever' from hubby Legend on Snapchat.

The singer commissioned 15 items from Teo -  miniature replicas of dishes from Teigen's cookbook, Cravings. They included dishes like chicken satay, kale salad, chicken pot pie soup and scallops with corn.

The pregnant star's elation was evident, either from Legend's sweet gesture or the intricacies of the 'tiny foods', as Teigen called them. We're guessing it's probably both.

The surprise reveal was a relief for Teo, who had been keeping the project a secret since she was contacted by Legend's manager in July.

The full-time crafter even had the rare opportunity to FaceTime with the 'All of Me' crooner to discuss the requirements of the gift.

Said Teo in an Instagram post: "It was a thrilling ride from the get go, imagine I had the honour of speaking to John on Facetime to discuss our ideas, and knowing that Chrissy [was the one who] introduced AiClay to him! I would never have dreamed of sculpting for someone of their fame and talent, and thanking my lucky stars that they picked little ol' me from this faraway island."

She posted several photos of the crafting process on her blog, after coming to the painful realisation that the rest of the photos were lost after she reformatted her computer. Teo even made several dishes from Teigen's recipe book, in order to mould a more true-to-life product.

Hasselback potatoes Teo made using Teigen's recipe
The miniature version.

In her post, she said insurance and shipping costs came up to more than $400, but Legend covered the insurance portion.

"Shipping plus duties and insurance costed a hefty $400+! but John Legend was happy to pay for protection thankfully, i covered the shipping part," wrote Teo.

Packed for shipping.
The finished product and only photo of the 15 items that Teo saved in her camera.

Teo, 29, who has been making miniature food for more than 10 years - first as a hobby and then as a full-time business, told AsiaOne that it took 3.5 months to complete the order. 

The most difficult item on the 'menu'? Spicy Tomato Skillet Eggs.

"(It) was the first dish I made from the collection, and in the beginning I was quite overwhelmed with the details as it incorporated so many ingredients in one dish! With each ingredient there were new textures and colours to create."

Although Teo's client list boasts trans-national companies like McDonald's and Volkwagen, Legend is Teo's most high-profile client to date. She says: "It was really exciting when I realised who the client was, and felt really lucky to have been chosen to sculpt for Chrissy, and for the opportunity of a lifetime!"