Christopher Lee well suited to play new role

Christopher Lee well suited to play new role

In upcoming Taiwanese drama Notice From A Bachelorette, Christopher Lee, 42, plays a man in his mid-30s who woos a woman (Sonia Sui) after seeing her advertisement stating that she is seeking love.

Lee believes that his ability to play any character on screen was what helped him clinch the role.

For example, as the bachelor hot on the heels of Sui's character, he has taken the following measures to act the part.


He has been on a diet of mostly vegetables and soup for the past few weeks, and has slimmed down from 77kg to 74kg as a result.


Lee revealed that he maintains his healthy mane, which is naturally oily, by using only shampoo.

He said that conditioners would clog his pores and this would cause him to have an even oilier scalp.


Lee skips for an hour at least three times a week.

For this show, there were some weeks when he would skip every day.


He is not going to have any trouble playing a romantic man because he gets enough practice in real life.

For example, Lee would FaceTime his wife, Fann Wong, many times a day and "behave like a teen in love".


Although Lee was born in Malaysia, he has called Singapore home for almost two decades. Therefore, no one will need to teach him how to act like a Singaporean for the show.

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