Christy Chung cries in the rain after quarrel with husband

Hong Kong actress Christy Chung cried in the rain after an argument with her Chinese actor-singer husband Shawn Zhang, China Press reported.

The celebrity couple recently took part in a Chinese reality show, My Dearest Ladies, where the couple and his mother took a vacation together.

The couple had been spotted arguing in several episodes of the show and in the latest episode, Chung was seen sobbing in the rain as Zhang and her did not see eye to eye when they went shopping.

The couple were travelling in Spain and Chung asked for Zhang's opinion when she wanted to buy some vegetables and socks.

Zhang was unhappy as he thought that Chung did not take his suggestion into consideration.

Chung realised the change in Zhang and asked for the reason behind his sudden mood swings.

Zhang lashed out at Chung and said, "You always have ways to say that I am wrong", "I do not dare to annoy you" and "Whatever I say will backfire".

It ended up with a heated argument where Chung cried in the rain, claiming that she was also very tired.

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