Chrome Entertainment signs contract with Sony Music

Idol group Crayon Pop's agency, Chrome Entertainment, signed an official label contract with Sony Music Entertainment Korea on Monday.

As a label under Sony Music Entertainment Korea, Chrome Entertainment can discover and sign artists to produce music.

The two corporations have previously formed license and strategic partnerships, which led to the debuts of four Chrome artists under Sony Music: Crayon Pop, K-Much, Bob Girls and Zan Zan. With the label contract, Chrome Entertainment is now recognised as an affiliate of Sony Music Entertainment Korea.

"This (label contract) is an unprecedented action within the Korean music industry and it was created after numerous negotiations and great effort," said Jeong Kyu-ho, representative director of Sony Music Entertainment Korea. "We hope to enter the international music industry through competitive musical content which we will acquire from Chrome Entertainment," he said.

"The contract will give us an opportunity to create unique music for artists belonging not only to our agency but also to other companies. It's a chance for us to produce music of different genres and concepts," Hwang Hyun-chang, chief executive of Chrome Entertainment, said.

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop has hit the international music scene, opening for Lady Gaga in her tour throughout the US and Canada since June 26. After attracting a mass audience with their catchy song "Bar Bar Bar," Chrome Entertainment said on Tuesday that some thousand fans performed the dance to the song as a flash mob during a recent festival in Toronto, Canada.

Crayon Pop is to hold eight more performances in seven cities and return to Korea after their final performance in Los Angeles on July 22.