Cindy Crawford has a really healthy appetite

Cindy Crawford can definitely eat.

This is how Mr Kenneth Goh describes the 47-year-old American supermodel. Two years ago, when they both attended the Venice Film Festival, she had invited him to breakfast and introduced him to her husband Rande Gerber.

The best part of enjoying the morning meal with the couple was finding out that there was a surprise guest there as well - Hollywood actor George Clooney. Said Mr Goh: "After I shook George's hand, I didn't wash my hand for a day. I'm not kidding!

"Cindy is the warmest, nicest person you'll ever meet.

"I have Cindy's phone number and we do keep in touch."

Mr Goh photographed Crawford in 2011 in Los Angeles for Harper's Bazaar Singapore and fell in love with her personality.

The concept for the shoot was to transform her into dual personas - a vamp and a lady - which she embraced whole-heartedly.

"We had dinner after that and yes, she has a really healthy appetite."

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