Comedian Jiggy at wits' end over stalker

A stalker whom comedian Jiggy calls the "Psycho Woman" is one fan the Malay celebrity can do without.

The 23-year-old former Raja Lawak contestant whose real name is Mohammad Aizat Ahmad Nazri told Mingguan Malaysia that he was disturbed by the overzealous fan who kept a nightly vigil outside his house.

"Even when it rains she can be seen standing there, just staring at my house and talking to herself," he said.

He could not forget the night he saw her behaving in a sexually suggestive manner near a car outside his house at 3am.

Her obsession with him is evident in her Facebook postings, tweets and short text messages to him.

Jiggy said the woman had multiple Facebook accounts and had changed her phone numbers so many times that it was difficult for him to avoid her calls.

"She regards me as her boyfriend even though I don't know her," he said.

Jiggy said the woman also keeps track of his every movement, which she updates on her Twitter account.

"She even knew when I cleaned my cat's cage," he said.

Jiggy said he secretly tracked the woman to her house once and confronted her parents.

"After speaking to them, I learnt she is suffering from mental illness as the result of an accident," he said, adding that even her parents were unable to control her.

He also discovered that the woman had previously stalked Malay actor Farid Kamil.

He said lodging a police report would be his last option.