Comedian Zizan avoids family conflict

Popular actor and comedian Zizan Razak is adamant that he will not interfere in his girlfriend Emma Maembong's efforts to resolve issues faced by her family.

Utusan Malaysia reported that Zizan had not faced any problems in his relationship with Emma's father, renowned artist Ismail Embong (Maembong).

The Maembong family faced problems after Ismail posted on social media his unhappiness over Emma's sister Yaya hosting a traditional henna party during her wedding recently.

Ismail also claimed that three of his children - Cha Cha, Popo and Amad - were chased out of Yaya's house, where she lived with her husband Wan Raja.

On questions whether Zizan would also opt for a simple wedding with Emma to satisfy Ismail, Zizan said he would respect Ismail's wishes.

"Sometimes, the elders want a simple ceremony, and as a younger person I have to understand their situation.

"However, as a public figure, I also belong to the people. I will try to be fair to ensure that I do not offend the elders, but my fans must also be taken into consideration," he added.

Zizan also praised Emma's way of handling the family conflict, saying she was mature enough to discuss with her family members and find a solution.

On how his relationship and the problems in Emma's family were perceived by his family, especially by his mother Anai Ibrahim, Zizan said that was the least of his concerns.

"My mother does not take note of all these issues. As a mother who knows her son well, she is confident in me. Likewise, I am not worried about the possibility of her having negative perceptions," he said.