Contemporary art by artists in S'pore

SUM>PARTS: When Artists Meet The Public features the works of 11 artists from the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists (SCYA), a society that promotes contemporary art by artists who are Singaporean and permanent residents.

Eleven artists have collaborated with non-artists to create works on socio-cultural and political issues that matter to them.

Where: The Substation Gallery, 45 Armenian Street
MRT: City Hall/Bras Basah
When: Till Wed, noon - 9pm daily
Admission: Free
Tel: 6337-7535

By Daryl Goh and Joezer Liu, 90 by 70cm mixed media on acrylic

Goh, an arts practitioner and educator at Lasalle College of the Arts, pairs up with Liu, a consultant with a real estate agency, for this examination of tight domestic and urban spaces. Their piece looks at the impact being in such confined spaces has on relationships and ways of seeing.

2 POWER, 2014
By Homa Shojaie and Brian Wood, dimensions variable, transparencies on light box installation

Artist Shojaie was born in Iran and studied in Chicago before moving to Singapore in 2012. Wood, who works in the finance industry, moved to Singapore from New York 18 months ago.

In this project, they explore ideas of power while looking at the dynamics of gender and class through writing and drawing: 12 transparencies featuring text and sketches on influence over people and events.

Six of them are by Shojaie and six by Wood, and they are separated by a series of magnets.

By Shazwany Aziz and A.A. Solman, dimensions variable, drawing installation

Exploring the relationship between history and place, Shazwany and Solman present an artwork that looks at what it means to be Asian in a Western-influenced environment.

The work examines continuity and change as family sizes shrink and more people opt to live as nuclear families.

Artist Shazwany, who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Lasalle College of the Arts in 2010, collaborated with her father - a third-generation Javanese - on this piece.

By Jacquelyn Soo and Olivia Choong, watercolour & pressed flowers

By Jacquelyn Soo and Olivia Choong, terrarium containing the herb and coat button

Through two artworks, multi-disciplinary artist Soo and environmental activist Choong ask the question: How well do people know the edible plants and flowers that grow in Singapore? Using real plants and flowers in both artworks, they reflect on food and cultivation, as well as the positive and negative results of agricultural practices.

Soo is the founder of SCYA, while Choong runs Green Drinks Singapore, a non-profit environmental society.

6 NEXT IN LINE, 2014
By Melanie Chua and Maxine M. Ang, text on Paper

This collaboration between writer-editor Chua and Ang, founder of online pet shop The Water Dish, looks at the consequences of animal breeding and owning. Real-life stories documented here include animal activists rescuing a hundred dogs at a time and a family who paid thousands of dollars to cure their dog's illness.

By Rachel Elffin and Ivan Loh, 60cm by 80cm, print on paper and wire installation

This collaboration between student Elffin, who is majoring in Fashion Media at the Lasalle College of the Arts, and baker Loh crafts an image of a prosperous Singapore. The Golden Dream talks about the bond between the Singapore Body and a goldfish, and how people are defined and limited by the norms they conform to.

By Deusa Blumke and Wong Soon Tuan, 100cm by 200cm, mixed media on canvas

This collaboration by Brazilian-born artist Blumke and gardener Wong is based on observing the elderly in Singapore and how they continue to work well past their retirement age. Blunke received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Arts from the Lasalle College of the Arts in 2012. She met Wong, who works in the estate she lives, a couple of years ago.

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