Crayon Pop dance the next big thing?

SEOUL - A silly dance from South Korean girl group Crayon Pop is catching fire abroad.

The quirky choreography in the music video to the group's Bar Bar Bar hit single has led to journalists from ABC News and China's Shanghai TV interviewing the bubbly girls.

On YouTube, Bar Bar Bar has begun to blow up, with over 3.5 million views as of yesterday, and pundits are beginning to wonder whether Crayon Pop might receive the kind of media attention that Psy's Gangnam Style garnered last year.

The choreography , known as a "straight-five engine" dance, has members Ellin, So Yul, Gum Mi, Cho-a and Way jumping up and down and side to side.

They are kitted out in motorcycle helmets, and dance as though they are pumping a handcar - a railroad machine with contraptions that passengers push and pull to move.

Bar Bar Bar was released in June, but made minimal impact on the South Korean music scene until the girls showed up on Saturday Night Live Korea to star in a parody video with comedian and radio personality Kim Gura.

The parody, which aired last month, caused the single to hit the charts again. The song has now been at the top of the Billboard K-pop Hot 100 chart for six consecutive weeks.

The attention has led to the group scoring an album-licensing and partnership contract with Sony Music Entertainment Korea.