Crocs finds new life as bag in Pizzaslime collab

PHOTO: Instagram/pizzaslime

American footwear company Crocs has experienced a love-hate relationship in the limelight over the 17 years since its establishment. The clog-shaped rubber shoes gained fans around the world, while others called them "ugly".

The Crocs have now found new life, as "Pizzaslime has joined forces with the polarizing brand to transform its clog into a crossbody bag," reports The Independent. The new iteration comes in "two colors - yellow and black - each bag [...] made from the rubber shoe, taking the area where a person's foot would usually live and replacing it with a pouch and zipper."

PizzaSlime announced the new collaboration on Instagram.

The new Crocs-PizzaSlime bag each costs US$300 (S$406.90) and is a limited release of 25 pieces.

According to The Independent, Crocs were "originally developed as a boating shoe", but the casual footwear left an impact when it appeared in a 2016 fashion show.

In 2017, it made it to the runway again under luxury brand Balenciaga as a 10 cm platform, which reportedly sold out during pre-sales.