'Curse queen' Baek A-yeon shows off playful side

PHOTO: JYP Entertainment

Her songs sing of bittersweet struggles of love, but singer Baek A-yeon showed that she had a child-like side in her recent photo shoot and interview.

Baek's agency JYP Entertainment on Wednesday revealed the photos she took for the July edition of fashion magazine CeCi, one of which had the singer posing in a playful fashion by holding up two popsicles near her head like horns.

In the interview that followed, Baek revealed what track he likes the most from her EP "Bittersweet" that was released last month.

Photo: The Korea Herald/Asia News Network Photo: The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

She said her favourite song in the track list was "Fall Down," for which she personally wrote the lyrics.

Because of the song's lyrics like "(You) get spiked with bird poo. Leave your wallet on a cab," Baek said her fans are now calling her "curse queen."

"If you have anyone around you that you want to get back at, please recommend this song," she jokingly said.

Baek first came into the limelight in 2011 after finishing third in the audition programme "K-pop Star." She has since released a number of hits including "So-So," "Just Because" and her breakthrough song "Shouldn't Have."