Dave Chappelle announces new shows after disappearing for twelve years

He's baaaaack.

After a twelve year absence, a few infrequent public appearances aside, Dave Chappelle has *finally* reappeared - with a residency at Radio City Music Hall in New York this August (following the release of his two Netflix comedy specials in March).

The ten-date residency will include guest performances from Donald Glover, Erykah Badu, Chris Rock, The Roots, Trevor Noah, Ali Wong and Childish Gambino.

Tickets for the show will go on sale this Friday, June 16.

Don't miss out - Gambino had previously said the Governor's Ball would be his only show of the year, and who knows how long Chappelle will stay in the public eye before disappearing for twelve more years.

We've missed Chappelle's sharp wit, sharper commentary, and wicked impressions since he stepped out of the public eye.

His hit TV show, Chappelle's Show, was a must-watch staple of the early 2000's on Comedy Central that always managed to tackle large issues and expose truth with comedy.

We need a voice like that these days more than ever.

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