Des-too-many renditions of this song-o

*Last updated July 20, 2017

I have never heard this many renditions of a song since "Let it Go" from the Disney movie, "Frozen".

Despacito is a Spanish summer single (the title of which means “Slowly”) that was released by Puerto Rican pop artist Luis Fonsi, featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee.

A remix was released with Justin Bieber, which helped to spread the song's fame internationally. 

But its popularity did not stop there.

The internet has responded with a slew of re-mixes as well as some excellent and hilarious renditions of the popular song.

Despacito with snores

Who says remixes must be sung with words?

In the video below, a woman recorded her husband's snores and compiled them to create a remix of the song, without any actual singing.

According to Huffington Post, the remix entitled “Ronquidito” is a play on “ronquido,” the Spanish word for snore.

Gents, be careful when you snore in your sleep from now on.

Who knows, you might be an internet star in a few years' time, without even being aware of it (or awake).


Next, check this fun local production by social media site SGAG.

This is especially relatable, in light of our Muslim friends going through the holy month of Ramadan.

Who feels like having some mee soto later?

Singing dentist

Then, there is this 'singing dentist' from the UK, whose video parody went viral with more than 37 million views on ViralThread's Facebook account.

Inserting his own lyrics to the song, his rendition is both creative and funny.

Now you know where to go when you injure your gums with a tortilla chip (seriously though, no chip should have that many sharp edges). Take a seat-o!

Italian parody video

A trio of Italians behind social media site The Jackal start off the skit by mocking the song for its repetitive lyrics and structure, but soon find themselves unknowingly singing (and twerking) along to the hit song.

It's like James Corden's carpool karaoke, minus the famous musical guests.

Despacito in Malay and Chinese

Then there are some talented folks from Malaysia who have re-imagined the song completely, in Malay.

While the video might seem funny at first, the lyrics are actually about a heartbroken guy who got cheated on by his ex-girlfriend.

They also replaced the word 'despacito' with 'incognito', although I'm not sure why. Maybe they are referring to Google Chrome's private browsing service? Or are they advising recently-single men to browse the internet privately, but why?

I'll leave that to your imagination.

Last but not least, is this impressive Mandarin rendition by Chinese-American singer-performer Sophie Chen.

Not only does she sing the catchy tune in Chinese, but she's turned it up a notch, switching to French in the middle of the song. Just wow.

Know any more Despacito re-mixes or renditions that you are fond of? You can let us know in the comments section below-o.