Dinosaurs amok again in Jurassic World trailer

Giant terrible lizard action ruled the official trailer for the long-awaited Jurassic World - the fourth movie instalment in Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park. And there is going to be a genetically modified dinosaur, too.

The 2min 40sec trailer was released early by Universal Pictures and hit YouTube on Tuesday - it was supposed to debut today in the United States - following a short 16sec teaser trailer posted online on Sunday.

The new trailer has throwbacks to the original Jurassic Park from 1993, a surefire way to evoke nostalgia for that dinosaur romp.

For instance, what looks suspiciously like the original Jurassic Park gate returns in the trailer but with a new "Jurassic World" signboard.

There are also shots of park visitors gawking at long-necked dinosaurs, and a herd of running ostrich-like terrible lizards, which parallel scenes from the original film.

And then there is a variation of John Williams' Jurassic Park theme for the piano that plays towards the end of the trailer.

But Jurassic World hints at some new tricks up its sleeve, such as a "sea world" section with a "performing" giant shark-like menace gulping down a much smaller shark, to the delight of smartphone camera-snapping park-goers.

As with the original Jurassic Park, Jurassic World's new dino attraction is located on what appears to be a remote island.

The trailer takes a decidedly ominous turn once the "science" starts kicking in and there's talk of a new genetically modified hybrid dinosaur that is apparently "highly intelligent" and female.

As always, this new darling escapes and all hell breaks loose - cue giant claw slash marks, an "evacuate the island" one-liner, a giant stomping dinosaur foot, and raptors running alongside actor Chris Pratt on a motorcycle.

If reported leaks are anything to go by, the new super dino could be a T-Rex-like monstrosity with cuttlefish genes and camouflage abilities.

For movie-goers hankering for more, check out the viral website for the film, MasraniGlobal.com

It is disguised as a corporate website, complete with a hilarious recruitment section.

Jurassic World, directed by Colin Trevorrow, is slated to open in the US on June 12.

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