Divorce sheds light on director Michael Moore’s wealth

WASHINGTON - Oscar-winning director Michael Moore, famous for documentaries challenging capitalism, has divorced his wife of 22 years following a civil court proceeding in Michigan that drew attention to his wealth.

"'Kathleen and Michael have mutually and amicably reached a divorce settlement'," read a posting this week on Moore's Facebook page, confirming his split from Kathleen Glynn, 56.

Moore - whose films include Fahrenheit 9/11Bowling for Columbine and Capitalism: A Love Story and whose net worth has been estimated at US$50 million (S$62 million) - filed for divorce a year ago.

In court documents, he alleged that Glynn - credited as a producer on several of his films - had problems managing money in recent years.

He notably blamed her for a costly expansion of their 10,000 square foot lakeside home in northern Michigan, valued at US$2 million, the Detroit News newspaper reported.

Moore has previously acknowledged how rich he's become as the most famous documentary filmmaker of his time, insisting that he makes a point of paying his taxes in full.

He is currently busy finalizing the 10th edition of his Traverse City film festival in Michigan, opening on Tuesday.