DVD review: Upside Down

Ratings: 3.5/5

It's a new kind of love story that redefines "going against all odds". In this dramatic sci-fi romance, Eden (Kirsten Dunst) from Planet Up - where the rich live - meets Adam (Jim Sturgess), an orphan from Planet Down - where the poor dwell - up on a mountain. The teens end up in love.

They get caught and Adam's last memory of Eden is that of her bleeding profusely from her head after a fall, before he's dropped back to "Down".

He thinks she's dead, but 10 years later, sees her on TV working for Transworld - the only link between both planets. The busy plot thickens as the two fight through impossible hurdles, including her post-fall amnesia, for love.

It's a teary love story perfect for emotionally vulnerable women who need something to sob away their sorrows.


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