Edison Chen involved in scandal once again - this time involving betrayal

Since Edison Chen's nude photo scandal in 2008, his controversial dating life has been constantly in the limelight.

He was criticised for "robbing the cradle" when he dated 16-year-old model Cammi Tse in 2011, reported JayneStars.

While his two-year relationship with Ann Hong seemed the most promising, the couple reportedly broke up because Edison was unable to restrain from his cheating habits.

Falling in love with his Taipei JUICE store employee Ann Hong in 2012, Edison seems to have toned down his hothead personality.

Despite Edison's scandalous past, Ann chose to believe and trust him.

The couple shared many sweet photos with the public, frequently travelled together, and even met each other's parents.

Edison proclaimed that Ann was his prospective marriage partner. However, Ann recently erased Edison from her social media contacts.

It is reported that the couple broke up half a month ago due to Edison's cheating.

Ann wrote incredulously on her blog, "I discovered the unreal truth," and said that her blinding trust resulted in the betrayal.

A birthday disaster

During Edison's 34th birthday in October, the pair vacationed in Japan.

During the trip, Ann stumbled upon suspicious messages between Edison and another woman. Edison has reportedly been secretly seeing another woman behind Ann's back.

Edison's infidelity was a heavy blow to the trusting Ann, who decided to permanently cut all ties.

Edison has allegedly been begging for Ann's forgiveness to no avail. Edison's representative declined to comment on the artiste's personal matters.

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