Ellen Adarna on 'breakup' with Duterte's son: No bad blood between us

MANILA - Know your worth," said actress Ellen Adarna when the Inquirer asked her what lesson she had learned from her short-lived relationship with presidential son Sebastian "Baste" Duterte that she wanted to share with other women.

The sexy actress admitted to have gone out with Baste for "roughly six or seven months." Ellen, however, refused to elaborate on why they have decided to call it quits.

Baste has a 2-year-old son named Yair with Davao-based ex-model Kate Necesario.

At the media gathering for her latest film, "Moonlight Over Baler," Ellen pointed out that she and Baste have remained good friends. "In fact, we still hung out a couple of times after the breakup. There's no bad blood between us. If I'd be given a chance to turn back time, I'd go out with him again. We had a great time."

She said she was likewise open to working with Baste in the future-like becoming partners in business ventures. "We are alike in many ways. We're both funny and makulit," Ellen shared with Inquirer. "We share many interests. We both like going to the beach-he influenced me to try surfing. We also got to travel."

However, what really drew Ellen to Baste, she said, were the long conversations they had at night that normally lasted until morning. "It's really the connection that we had," she pointed out.

Having said that, Ellen stressed that more than the physical attraction, she hopes to end up with a guy who is "loyal, responsible and understanding."

In "Moonlight Over Baler," Ellen plays Rory, who's torn between marrying Marcial (Abel Estanislao), the rich and influential guy whom her parents like, and running away with Kenjie (Vin Abrenica), the man she loves.

"Rory and I are different in that sense. I won't choose to just go away. I'll still fight for our love, regardless of the consequences," declared Ellen.

The film, which opens in cinemas on Feb. 8, is Ellen's third project with director Gil Portes. She also starred in Portes' "Bayang Magiliw" and "Ang Tag-araw ni Twinkle."

"I cannot say no to Direk Gil. Working with him now is so much more enjoyable, because we understand each other better," said Ellen, who's also busy with the ABS-CBN programs, "Home Sweetie Home" and "Langit Lupa."

"Issa is a kontrabida in every sense," she said of her character in the drama series. "I'm not as scheming as she is, but we're alike because we both give everything we've got when we're in love. She feels betrayed by her lover. She is jealous. It's normal to get jealous, but I don't let the feeling affect me to the point that I'd ruin other people's lives by being deceitful and sly."