Everyday items even Marie Kondo can't do without

PHOTO: Instagram/mariekondo

Because of the Marie Kondo craze, we're thinking of decluttering-like what clothes should go to the donation box, what expired makeup should be thrown into the trash bin, and what other accumulated items should either repurposed or given away.

But I'm a self-certified hoarder, and decluttering causes me much anxiety. Moreover, setting aside a few hours for such a task may be impossible for now because of my busy schedule.

If you're like me and can't manage a proper Kondo approach to life, at least be conscious of things that will never fail you and should not be thrown away.

Practical jewelry

Imono Jewelry, made of stainless steel.Photo: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

Start with practical, non-tarnishing jewelry. You may have pieces that are cast in precious metals, but when you're travelling, commuting around the city, or going to the beach, you need a set of jewelry that looks good but not expensive.

In such a category is Imono Jewelry. The brand has a big selection of designs made from durable stainless steel. You don't have to worry about corrosion, especially when you're the type who's always out and about. Imono is very friendly for everyday use.

Petroleum jelly

The unsung hero of the make-up table is petroleum jelly. It has many uses-from aiding dry, cracked lips to soothing skin scrapes and burns. In a pinch, it can be used as a face and body lotion. The mineral oils and waxes are effective in helping your skin retain moisture. It's a lifesaver for cracked heels.

Petroleum jelly is also an effective make-up remover. Just rub it gently on your face and you'll see the makeup melt away. Thank you, Vaseline.

There are many life hacks that you can do with petroleum jelly. If you rub it on your pulse points before spritzing on perfume, it helps the scent stay on you the whole day. You can also coat your cuticles with them so you can avoid nail polish stains as you do your manicure.


Superga 2750 Cotu sneaker in Classic White​.Photo: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

In your closet, don't be surprised to find a lot of canvas sneakers. Funny, but I used to dread them because I tended to associate the shoes with my high school days. It was the only footwear which was campus-

But I've moved on, and so has the rest of the world. The sneakers market has boomed all over. A good pair of white canvas sneakers is an outfit staple. I wear them with pants and dresses. They stand out in an all-black ensemble.

A pop of white sneakers is one style trick that seems seasonless. And somehow, even when they get a little dirty, they still look good.

The beauty of canvas sneakers, if you don't prefer the beaten-up look, is that they can be easily washed. They dry quickly as well. This makes them versatile. My current favourite is from Superga, the 2750 Cotu in Classic White.


The perfect pair of jeans, best with white canvas sneakers.Photo: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

Next to white sneakers is that one pair of jeans. I'm talking about the perfect one which makes your butt look great, feels soft from use, and pairs well with any top. Jeans also manage to be unaffected by trends, so they make for a good investment.

A pair that I will refuse to part with is Gap's Mid Rise Best Girlfriend Jeans. I have them in the distressed version so they instantly add interest to an outfit. And you can bet that I wear them with my white sneakers!

Tinted sunscreen

To round up this list, I'm giving a shoutout to tinted sunscreen. You need it, you can't do without it. If you're not a fan of heavy makeup, you'll love tinted sunscreen.

On days when you can't be bothered to do a full face, sunscreen is still important. So when you have a tinted sunscreen, you get two types of coverage-one from the sun and one for your skin imperfections. Tinted sunscreen should be in every travelling carry-on if possible, since it combines two things in one. Sometimes, even three, as some products, like Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 50, have moisturizing and skincare elements in it.

I'd like to ask Kondo about her take on things that count for more than one thing. Is it enough reason to hoard them? Probably not.

But perhaps, if I'm aware of what exactly are the things I use every day without fail, I'm heading closer to a fuss-free life.