Everything about Vogue's Anna Wintour in 73 questions

NEW YORK - Anna Wintour, the indomitable editor-in-chief of Vogue's American edition, has revealed personal details, including her morning wake up time and her aversion to selfies, in a cheeky video for the magazine's website.

Recorded in Vogue's luxe New York offices, Wintour was the latest to participate in the magazine's "73 Questions" series.

Her instalment coincided with the end of New York Fashion Week, where she was seen in the front rows of all the top shows.

In a floral dress and wearing her signature oversized black sunglasses, Wintour says what she misses most about Britain, her native country, is the humour.

As the camera follows the fashion world icon through the office giving her thoughts for the upcoming issue, Wintour is peppered with more questions, which she answers readily, if succinctly.

"I rarely carry a bag," she says when asked what three things are always found in her purse.

She will never get used to people wearing black from head to toe, she is petrified of spiders, she detests horoscopes, and "sadly, I can't sing," she says.

The high-powered editor, 64, admits she's never had a smartphone, that her guilty pleasure is watching the TV series "Homeland," that she prefers coffee to tea, and that she'd love to visit India.

She starts her mornings early, waking up at 5:00 am.

Her greatest regret? "I don't have one." The least true rumour about herself? "They're all true." But asked to take a selfie with the interviewer's phone, Wintour refuses.

"I have never taken a selfie and I don't plan to start now," she says.