Ex-DJ Glenn Ong and actor Nicholas Lee in online spat

Local Sci-Fi TV series 2025 premiered last month, but apparently former radio DJ Glenn Ong did not think the series about a fictional future Singapore was all that great.

He wrote a seemingly harmless tweet, saying: "Anyone watching 2025 on Ch5? I officially declare it the worst local drama series of all time! At least VR man was funny!"

Nicholas Lee, best known for playing the character of Ronnie in Under One Roof, apparently took great offence. 

Lee commented on social media: "Spends his entire career talking c**k. Even after quitting he still talks s**t."

Glenn Ong 'apologised' on Instagram, saying that he did not know Nicholas Lee produced the show.

Shane Mardjuki, one of the stars on 2025, however, responded to Glenn's initial tweet with humour: "Don't act like you won't be the first in line to buy my action figure when it drops."

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