EXO's Xiumin dreams of becoming a barista?

Coffee maniac Xiumin has revealed his dream of obtaining a barista license on a television programme.

On this week's episode of 'Q&A Variety-EXO's Show Time', to be aired on January 16, members of EXO revealed their ambitions of trying new things for self-improvement.

Members revealed their personal challenges such as learning a second language, baking or driving. The group's oldest member Xiumin told the interviewers that he would like to challenge himself by obtaining a barista license.

All the other members agreed that Xiumin is a coffee maniac and that they could totally picture him being a barista every time he brews coffee at their residence.

On the day the episode was shot, Xiumin went to a professional barista he met before to learn all about coffee. He learnt how to pick out the right coffee beans, as well as how to roast them and manually drip-brew the coffee to come one step closer to his dream.

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