Eyelike: ‘Coup D’etat’ no revolution

G-Dragon “Coup D’etat” (KT Music)G-Dragon’s second studio album “Coup D’etat” is chock-full of colourful songs and features big-name artists, but are the songs really “revolutionary?”Title track “Coup D-etat,” is actually one of the weakest songs on the album. Featuring Diplo and Baauer, the same beat and melody plays throughout the whole song, making it repetitious and boring. “Niliria,” featuring Missy Elliot, has a unique sound consisting of an interesting mix of traditional Korean sounds and modern hip-hop. Surprisingly, G-Dragon isn’t overpowered by Missy Elliot’s rapping, his higher-pitched vocals meshing well with her strong voice. “GO” has a strong, dubstep-tinged beat and bass line, and is definitely catchy enough to be played in the clubs. “Shake the World” has a quirky, irregular beat and is one of the more interesting creations on the album. “Crooked” and “Runaway” have a distinct pop sound, showing that G-Dragon is capable of crossing genres.“I Love It,” featuring Zion.T and Boys Noize, is a Michael Jackson-esque number, complete with high falsetto voice and light beat. Overall, the album is not necessarily revolutionary in sound and lyrics, but the songs are an interesting mix of genres that are edgy enough to distinguish it from the stereotypical bubblegum pop that dominates the Korean mainstream.